Are they a “we” now?

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Kaya Scodelario wishing a happy birthday to a fan.

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Every Character I LoveEffy Stonem (Skins)

“If you close your eyes you see darkness. But if you keep them closed for long enough… you’ll see light.”

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Dylan, Will, and Kaya on Wolf Watch x

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I take my inspiration from everyone I work with. My favorite actors are people that I’ve worked with. The Skins kids, all of them, every single one, are my favorite actors because you learn so much from them. I really respect certain people’s careers. I really respect Jennifer Lawrence’s career, Kristen Stewart… But I think — I look forward to working with unknown people and people that are just breaking through and that have that kind of fire for it and haven’t necessarily had the money or the education or the parental connections to get into the industry, and I think that’s great.

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”If you guys could teach a college course of your creation, what do you think you would teach?”

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they should have been laying on a big couch together for this therapy-like interview

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"You can’t get much better." [x]

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